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“I Need Someone to Sort out My IT!”

It’s a common enough story we come across when dealing with new clients.

They are focused on growing their business over the years, but their IT gets “dragged” along in a desperate attempt to keep pace

  • A mess of cables in the comms cabinet, and loads of devices that no one knows if they even work!
  • Frequent network outages which require manual swapping out of cables
  • Slow network speeds despite assurances from the broadband provider that you have high speed service
  • “Piggy in the middle” syndrome between 2 service providers blaming the other for a major service issue
  • Files saved in different locations
  • No one knows if there’s a proper backup in place
  • Email all over the place

The short answer is Yes, we can make all these problems go away.

The slightly longer answer is that Yes, we will fix all that, and it will take a bit of time. We routinely help clients like this, who have built successful businesses, but their IT was never properly managed along the way. When we onboard a new client like this, we identify the most serious 2 or 3 issues, and begin to tackle these first. Due to the nature of the pre-existing problems, the amount of support required is significant in the first 2 or 3 months. However, as we start to resolve the various issues, things start to become clearer (many times literally) for the client:

  • The comms cabinet has been revamped, redundant equipment removed, wires tidied, and ports labeled correctly (See before and after photos below for an example of such a project we recently completed)
  • A stable network so that swapping out cables is a thing of the past
  • Much faster network speeds after the entire network has been overhauled
  • We deal with any and all IT issues, so that client no longer feels caught in the middle
  • A clear, logical and secure file storage system, with security and backup built in
  • Enterprise class security/backup and disaster recovery system is in place
  • Email system is fully managed, with proper archiving policies in place, with best in class security

The reason why clients trust us with their IT is because we earn their trust by providing professional, prompt support. If you like the sound of this, call us today for a free, no strings audit of your IT at 091 395413.



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