Phisherman’s Blues

Having recently received some phishing emails, I thought I’d share how things went…

To start with, what is phishing? It’s an attempt by an imposter to trick you into giving them money or sensitive data through email.


Fortunately, we’ve never fallen for any phishing emails sent to us. In one instance, my colleague Denisa received an email from an address very similar to mine (her eye for detail quickly spotted the subtle difference however), in which the imposter asked her to transfer money to another account.


Now I know what you’re thinking: “It’s OK for ye guys, with your really clever blog titles referencing 80’s songs and your vast IT knowledge, of course you’d know how to identify a phishing email”, and you’d be correct on all counts. However, to successfully identify these threats, all that is usually required is a little bit of vigilance and caution. Check out one of the actual phishing emails along with my notes.


So to protect yourself from online threats, sometimes all it takes is just asking slowing down and asking yourself, “Does this feel right?” Not an ounce of technical knowledge required!


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