providing 100% remote support to clients anywhere

100% Remote Support to Clients Throughout Ireland

We have clients throughout the Island of Ireland that we’ve never met in person! From Wexford to Dublin, from Derry to Killarney, distance is not the obstacle it once was. Among the services we offer to such clients include:

  • Monitoring and management of critical aspects of clients’ IT infrastructure (firewalls, servers, routers, UPS, WiFi, end-users’ devices)
  • Support for clients’ cloud services like email, file storage (including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, etc.)
  • Support for end-users with day-to-day IT issues
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • High speed fibre broadband
  • New equipment procurement, setup, and delivery
  • 3rd party support requests

How are we successful in this? Well it starts with a careful requirements gathering process with the client, where we identify issues and solutions they may not even have been aware of initially. It then proceeds to detailed onboarding, where any and all aspects of the clients’ IT is recorded in our systems. Our investment in remote management and monitoring software is key in providing top tier supports to clients, where we can assess issues on clients equipment from our own office in Galway. Worried if your own IT setup would be too complex to support remotely? Well, we haven’t been beaten yet by a remote challenge that we weren’t able to effectively overcome. The most clients might need to do is to take some initial photographs of their own devices and network and we can figure out the rest, and often, even this step on the clients part is not needed.

We can even spec a new PC/laptop, configure it on our own in-house lab, configure to exact client specification, and ship to wherever the are, and apart from unboxing, they just power on and get to work!

So if you would like to learn more, simply call one of our friendly technicians at (091) 395413 to get the conversation going!

Written by Kevin Newell


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