Prevos provides broadband across ireland

Broadband – Now Providing Service Nationwide !

Prevos Solutions are delighted to announce that we are an approved reseller of fibre broadband products from OpenEir, NBI, and Siro.

With prices starting as little as €45 per month, we have packages to suit all requirements, from basic home office, to multi user settings, requiring high download and upload internet speeds.

Support: What happens when you have an issue with your service? Unlike the established providers, where you’re often relegated to the ninth circle of IVR hell trying to get a response, you simply call our Galway office to get an immediate response. While we’re a smaller provider, this actually makes us more nimble and able to allocate resources to reported issues in a much more rapid timeframe.

Our most popular broadband offering provides a download speed of 1000Mb, and an upload of 100Mb, at just €65 per month.

Some typical FAQ with this product:

“This is too much for me, I just use email and a cloud accounting programme”

The likelihood is that clients underestimate their broadband usage. The fact is with our high speed service, items download quicker and you get things done faster.

“I’m not sure, I’ve been with XX for a few years and it only goes down a few times. The only thing though is I’d be on the phone to them all day to get an update when that happens.”

If your broadband ever goes down with us, simply call our support line to get a staff member to help immediately. We have direct access to a nationwide panel of network technicians, this provides you with a much faster response than you would typically get with the more well known providers.

“Who do I call if there are issues with the broadband”?

That’s easy: Us! We respond as soon as an issue is reported, and there’s no long wait with an excruciating list of questions you must answer first. Issues are typically resolved within hours, as opposed to days with some of the established providers.

If you’re interested in learning more, or getting a quote to upgrade your broadband to the next level, please call us at (091) 395413 and one of our friendly staff will help.

*Please note, broadband offerings not available in all areas, and stated speeds may lower for a number of reasons including distance from exchange, computer age, and network configuration at client site.

Written by Kevin Newell


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