Cloud Basics in a nutshell

Even though there are still many internet blackspots throughout the country, broadband speed are steadily improving.

Many businesses, especially those in built up areas and large cities and towns, are now able to get speeds of from 50Mbps to 240 Mbps. This increase in speed and reliability of internet services has meant that cloud services are more viable for businesses.

The term “The Cloud” comes from the network diagrams that are often used by technicians and engineers where a cloud is used to represent the internet.

Some of the benefits for using The Cloud are reduced upfront costs and pay-per-use, resiliency and robust services. Scalability is another benefit: if your business is experiencing rapid growth you can double the amount you use without and additional setup cost. If your business uses Microsoft Server 2003, support ends for this in July. Instead of buying a new physical server, some businesses will migrate to The Cloud.

There is a number of different ways that the cloud can be used:

Software as a Service or SaaS: This is where a specific a software application is hosted in the cloud and used by business. Examples include email, CRM systems, Accounts packages and even games.

Platform as a Service or PaaS: Systems like databases, development environments, and web servers are hosted and managed by cloud service providers.

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS: This allows business access to virtual hardware that is based in The Cloud, virtual servers and storage allows businesses to scale their business seamlessly.

Prevos Solutions has provided cloud based solutions to many businesses, saving them money and improving business productivity.

If you are wondering if the cloud is right for you, talk to us today at (091) 395413, or and we can guide you through the best options for your business.

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