Why a Business should have an IT Support Agreement

Most businesses start off in the founders home, with one computer.

As the business grows, hires staff, and gets an office, eventually the 1 PC business now has 5 or more PC users. While it does not make financial sense to have an IT support agreement for just 1 PC, when the number grows to 5 or more, the case becomes more compelling. The reasons for this are many:

  1. The founder needs to focus on the business in order to grow it. Taking time to troubleshoot IT issues is typically not his or her strength, and can thus be a drag on productivity.
  2. As the number of users in a network increases, the chances of a productivity-impacting IT problem arising increases.
  3. When a serious IT issue arises, you need a trusted expert who can react promptly and resolve it quickly. When you have a support agreement in place, your provider prioritises your issue to ensure reliable access.
  4. A good IT partner brings any areas of concern to your attention, so you can make a business decision on how to resolve it. In addition, sharing your business objectives enables them to provide an IT roadmap for how to leverage technology to meet these business goals.
  5. You might be having issues with other IT in your office, like third party software providers, broadband etc. A professional IT provider can guide you through any complexity, enabling you to clearly see the issues which need to be addressed.

Prevos Solutions has many clients with whom we have ongoing IT support agreements. If you’ve been managing your IT for your business, but it’s getting in the way of your main job of looking after your customers, please call us at 091 395413, and we would be happy to provide you with a free IT audit.

Written by Kevin Newell


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